The European sports world has noted the rise of various manifestations of radicalization, in particular of religious and political inspiration. Two phenomena are essentially observed. The development of demands and behaviors contrary to the values ​​of sport and democratic ideals by radicalized practitioners who have to face relatively poor sports educators. The “communitarization” of sports associations and the implementation of a process of proselytism of active radical ideologies aimed at indoctrinating practitioners and establishing a new “sports order”.

The “SPORTS IDENTITY” project aims to develop proposals in the field of prevention of radicalization in and through sport, aiming to interrupt the process of engagement of young people leading to violent radicalization with the ambition of bringing shedding light on the sources of this seduction and by questioning the possibility of an educational intervention upstream. Sport is a particularly significant area of ​​the socialization and identity building process of young people. Through sport, it is youth that is targeted.