CREPS Île-de-France is a local public institution governed by two principles of specialty: training in sports professions and access to High Level Sport. CREPS Île-de-France is under the dual supervision of the Île-de-France Region and the State. The establishment is an integral part of the network of establishments of the Ministry of Sports offers training courses built on the principle of work-study, which promotes immersion in the professional environment. Training in sports and animation is constantly evolving to meet the expectations of the sports movement, public authorities and companies in the sector. More than 1,000 trainees (200,000 hours / trainees excluding work-study) are hosted by CREPS and the decentralized services partners of the public training service. In terms of High Level Sport, CREPS supports 220 athletes in their double project grouped around 17 “poles”.

ASVÖ Salzburg is an independent association which provides advice and services to 380 member sports clubs in the Land of Salzburg. ASVÖ Salzburg is a non-profit organization affiliated with the Austrian Federation of Public Sport. We develop global projects through sports clubs in the field of education, youth or high-level sport. As a professional training operator, ASVÖ Salzburg is also responsible for the employment and training of around 80 sports instructors who support sports clubs and schools in the field of coaching, planning and organization of ‘sports training. ASVÖ Salzburg is convinced that sport brings positive values, an essential tool for cohesion in our European society and the cornerstone of education in matters of integration, prevention, health and contributes to the development of general well-being.          

CONVERSAS ASSOCIACAO INTERNACIONAL is an NGO without profit organization, involved in social intervention in the field of youth, non-formal education and adult education, developing activities in following areas: individual, collective and community intervention, human rights, children’s rights, street social work, oppressed theater, youth mediation, entrepreneurship and social economy, social diplomacy. Since 2013, C-A-I has been mobilized on projects in the area of ​​developing the autonomy of young people from young people in order to avoid potential vulnerabilities. C-A-I has expertise in the methodology of street social work and has initiated collaborations with 12 European partners in different projects. C-A-I is the bearer of the Street Work Training Institute (SwTI), a training institute in street social work, whose creation was approved in 2012 by Dynamo International – Street Workers Network (DISWN).

CENTRO SPORTIVO ITALIANO is a non-profit association, promoting sport as a moment of education, growth, social commitment and aggregation, inspired by the Christian vision of man and history at the service of people and territory. Among the oldest sports promotion associations in our country, CSI responds to the demand for open sport. Sport can also be an instrument for the prevention of certain particular social pathologies such as loneliness, fears, fears, doubts, deviances of the youngest. CSI is an institution for the promotion of sport distributed throughout the national territory recognized by the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI). It is recognized by the Department of the Interior as a national charitable institution. It is registered in the national register of social promotion associations, recognized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy

The CSI in figures:

  • 850,000 athletes
  • 72 sports disciplines
  • 13,000 sports clubs
  • 42,000 teams
  • 8,000 tournaments
  • 300,000 competitions
  • 21 regional headquarters
  • 101,000 trainers, facilitators, referees, judges and managers
  • 12,000,000 annual hours of free engagement and volunteering

The CEIPES network is a network of organizations sharing the conviction that education and development are fundamental values ​​for the peace and dignity of all human beings. The structure has developed 8 branches in Europe. CEIPES cooperates at European and international level with more than 150 partner organizations. The Palermo office cooperates closely with more than 40 organizations in the region, such as public and private organizations, educational establishments and research centers, local government bodies and organizations in the social, environmental and sports sectors. The mission of CEIPES is to empower young people and adults through educational, intercultural, social, environmental and sports activities to build, develop and live in sustainable, inclusive and peaceful communities. The main activities of CEIPES are: educational, intercultural and sporting activities at local level and in partnership with European and international organizations, awareness-raising activities, seminars and conferences, capacity building and skills development activities (apprenticeship and training, workshops) people and adults, research and innovation, and exchange of good practices. CEIPES is organized into different structures: Department of Education and Training; Cooperation, Innovation and Research Department (CIR). Inclusion falls under the department of physical activity promoting health (I-HEPA).